Barcode Card Reading Dispenser China


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Model Name:TTCE-K710

Card dispenser with barcode reader installed

Barcode reading- Support barcode card reading
Extendable card hopper - Max loading 300pcs (card thickness 0.76mm).
Card adjustment rotator-Support thickness 0.2-2.0mm
Patent No. : 200620148190.2-Six optional card thickness adjustment.
Smart alert status - Support card empty, dispensing trouble alert.
Error card box - For error card collecting (25pcs) and can be hollowed to collect more.
· Amusement Arcade barcode card issuing.
·Automatic vending system
·Ticket vending system
·Barcode gift card vending system
.Kiosks with barcode reading
Daily maintenance
After card dispenser uses long period or dispenses a certain quantities of card, some part will have great abrasion through long time operation. Then it is necessary to maintain card dispenser. The procedure is as below:
1)Check if parts of card dispenser are loose or abnormal. If so, please fasten or repair immediately.
2)Check if the belts are loose. If so, please adjust the position of wheel.
3)Use cleaning card or soft cloth dipped with alcohol to clean up wheels at the bottom of card cabinet.
4)Pick out cards with greasy surface and distorted cards. Use soft cloth dipped with alcohol to clean cards with greasy surface. If distorted cards cannot be repaired, you need to change cards.

Sample policy:
Sample is available and workable.
1, For exist models, the sample cost as the price of 1pcs, and the sample lead time
is 7-10 days including shipment.
2,For customized models, there will be customization cost and sample cost, the
Sample lead time is 45-60 days.
3,For customized sample, the customization cost should prepaid before developing.
4,The customization cost is refundable if the future order quantity increase as much as agreed.
5,For exist models, the sample cost is refundable as well as the policy No.4.

Barcode Card Reading Dispenser China