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Barite Powder
Manufacturers selling barite powder 325-6000 mesh
Model No: XM-BA45 Molecular formula: BaSO4 CAS No.: 13462-86-7 H.S. Code: 25111000.00
Barium Sulphate improves all the remakeable properties, it is able to guarantee the safety of products due to no harmful substances. Furthermore, it has acid resistance, alkali resistance, high temperature resistance without losing gloss, and good weather resistance. It has a stabilizing effect in inorganic and organic pigment. It also can prevent flocculation, to maintain a permanent stability and reduce the amount of products.
Apperance  White Powder
D97 (um) max3.5
Mean Grain Size D50 (um) max1
Moisture (%) max0.3
Sieve Residue On 325 Mesh (%) min0.01
Whiteness (%) min94
Oil Absorption g/100g  13.0-15.0
Barium Sulfate (%) min93
Ph Value  7±0.5
Iron Fe (%) max0.03
Loss on ignition (%) min1.1
● High specific gravity BaSO4 as a filler for Powder coatings, Plastics, Rubber, Painting, Dye, Printing Ink, Copper plate, Textile, Drilling Oil, Storage Battery, Pigment, Brake pads, paper-making, Glass, Ceramics.
● Excellent narrow particle size range 
● Good dispersity and affinity 
● High whiteness 
● High purity guaranteed ● Good dispersity and affinity
● Nice covering power ● Good flow properties
● X ,Y rays shielding ● Improves themal stability
● Resistant to acids and alkalis ● Good flow properties
● Top wettability ● Improves mechanical properties
● Stable chemical properties ● Efficient cost-saving
● Non toxic and magnetic ● Good rheological properties
Packaging: woven bag with plastic lining, 25kgs/bag
24MT/20's Container for Barium Sulfate
Storage: Keep in dry and ventilated conditions.Barite Pricelist